Friday, February 3, 2012

Got get at it

Somewhere in here there's 
a kawi chop

stay tuned ...

God speed ...o~`o

Thursday, January 12, 2012

religion sucks!

(scroll over to the right and pause that player for a second)

Monday, January 9, 2012

didnt mean to disappoint you man,

my pal "bruce lee cris v" posted these on FB.
(if you have facebook, click pic)
to everyone that called and text me, (and those that didnt - but thought about me), 

im so sorry to flake on you

i really wish i could have gone

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

wheelie Wednesday

we lost a lot of pals in 2011

be careful out there!

-and now back to our regularly scheduled program- 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

soul brutha number one (big D)

some "big" bikes i've always liked

 vanilla gorilla


 brown pearl

if i could have one, had to ride that one only, and could never change anything on it.... 

mr tiki's shop droppings

bushido, however, would be the one if i could go mid mount thunder header and suicide/jockey 
...oh! and change the bars

Monday, December 26, 2011

the day after

another one come and gone

see ya next year Red Man

Friday, December 23, 2011

money hungry preachers

i make $13 an hour
i pay child support (that's NOT a complaint)
after that, if i save every penny from every check, i have $50 left over after rent

never mind gas, food, electricity, garbage, water, cell phones (we dont have a land line at home, and my kids are there alone, a lot)  blah blah blah

most of these doods on tv talking about my money and what i need to to with it 
... most of these doods (not all) but most of them

... i don't even know what to say

but i do know what the bible says

a couple months ago, i made a decision
after my wife got laid off, my back was up against the wall

i was put in a position where i had to put up or shut up

the bible dares me to trust God with my finances
concerning tithes, He says "test me in this and see if i wont pour out a blessing on you that you don't even have room enough to contain"

what do i have to lose? i don't make enough anyway. He either is who He says He is, and i believe in Him or i don't

so i made a solid choice to go on and quit being "some-timey" with my tithes
i decided that I'm gonna, from now on, pay tithes no matter what,
whether i "have it" or not

days later, i got sciatica

missed a whole week from work

that was thanksgiving week
a three day work week
i cant afford a three day work week

when i got back, one of my bosses told me he was gonna pay me for my lost time
that friday's check was not for the three days i missed, but  for the entire five day week
he paid me for days we weren't even open

we got some groceries 
i held on to as much as i could knowing rent was still WAY short

reg on the bike is out so i drive the explorer to work
gas nightmare

at work on a monday with less than a quarter tank 
thinking about who im going to ask to carpool with to work (cant think of any one)
another one of my bosses, out of the blue, gives me his company business card and tells me to go fill up my car
i dont remember the last time i topped off the ford with gas
that tank lasted us for 8 days

company Christmas party
$500 bonus check 

made rent AND got the kids some gifts ($40 limit for each)

rent is paid
presents under the box tree
life aint that bad

kinda worried about the bills though, and we have no phone

got a Christmas card with three $100 bills,  and fifteen $20 bills
do the math
some body gave me a Christmas card (NOT Gran-Ma) with six hundred dollars in it!

turned our cell phones back on after almost two months
and still had enough to pay the water bill and the light bill

two days later
a pal comes in with a $100 gift card for the kids
that doubled their gifts

everything is paid
cool stuff i know my kids would love under the tree
cell phones back on


maybe its just coincidence 
but it all happened the moment i decided to stop doing it when i felt like it, or it was convenient for me,
but TRULY trust God with my finances  

it wasn't that long ago when i was making (AT LEAST) $1200 a week
i may be broke, but this has easily been the best Christmas of my life

merry Christmas to you

God speed,
(Black CAT)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

gotta copy a homie

saw a page on another blog, "Live to Ride Ride to Church" for tatts

i got some tatt pics too

gotta take pics of all the other ones (...soon)

i never "grew up", but i was raised in So Cal with a lot of heavy gang stuff in my past- it's still a little part of who i am



east siders

 west siders

... no matter where you're from
Jesus will meet you where you're at

the scripture on the side (under the fat roll), is PSALMS 103:12

"As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us"

oh yeah!
i would also like to say,

... that effer HURT!
i felt like a runaway slave caught stealing chickens!!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

this has been the toughest season

really been going through it

not trying to sound like a punk
... but man...
 cried til i fell asleep last night 

its hard to be a dad

im not very good at it

its hard to be a husband

im not very good at it

... been making a TON of costly mistakes at work

mind just off in lala land or some crap

and i just cant beat this "defeated" fealing


with tears in my eyes,

call me weak 

call me some one in need of a crutch


He (JESUS), is so much more than a crutch
He's a stretcher, an i.v. an e.m.t.

He's my life-line

i couldn't make it with out Him

thank God for Jesus!

i dont know how people go on with out Him

He really is my everything

... im so glad He's the reason for the season 

"weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning"

Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Kevlar" (a cone side story)

once upon a time 
or about two years ago
there was an ad on craigslist 

raining the day i got it in redwood city
buddy Spade George let me store it at his shop ("The Hole in the Wall" in redwood city) for the night
didnt wanna ride for an hour and a half in the rain since i just got it and didnt know if it would even make it home

 the moment i got it to the house
i started tearing into it to get rid of all the gay stuff

needed a seat for quite a while
cut the couch off of the pan
took an angle grinder to it til i got the shape i wanted
ran it like that for a couple months

Brian made some cool bars
Frank donated a tank, boards, and a decent head light
and the both of them hooked me up with a fender and plate/light mount

got me some boots and painted the pipes
(shoulda left them chrome-live and learn)

on the way to mom's for 2010 thanksgiving dinner
it just shut off on me about three miles from her house

i was a tad bit late for dinner

everything that was cool on it Frank and Brian did
not that i was ungrateful, i just took the opportunity afforded me by the busted motor to make it "mine"

trying out some apes

 bagger front fender 
cutout for the plate

thought it was about time somebody stole something from harley for a change
they've been ripping us off for years

 fxr front end
police car spotlight
(kept Brian's bars-too sic to let go)
21" up front
progressives out back
upholstery underneath  

slapped the motor back together

 suicide and open belt 

the end

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011