reason for "flashblack friday"

I'm not into february. Not a militant blackman. Not about all that. I would like to think im passed all that stuff.

These friday posts aren't for sticking it to the man
... It's more of a wake up call for the ungrateful and ignorant (the black ones)

Met a black dude some time ago that I thought I had a lot in common with. We had a great conversation about "brother clubs", and where they seem to go wrong. Without regurgitating the entire list, I'll get to the point of the story.
Dude ended his rant (which I fully agreed with), by saying, "and besides, black people JUST started riding harleys anyway. This ain't even or thing".

Blew me away. Just ignorant.

Met another cat wearing a tshirt with his club logo on the back. I had never heard of them before, so I asked about it. Another long story short, when I asked him if it was a bagger club, he responded with, "whats a bagger?"

Blew me away. Just ignorant.

Flashblack fridays are for the deserved recognition that outcast outlaw clubs never received ... And for the "little man" that never got any respect just because he was black.

This is not because i myself am black (after all, jesse james has a lot to do with me even knowing names like, "sugar bear" and "ben hardy" in the first place), but because I have a heart for the ones that sweat in the garage, and make it happen on the side of the road. Without credit cards and catalogs. A lot of whom just so happen to be black guys.
Respect where respect is do

I just dont know what happened between then and now


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