Monday, October 31, 2011

stolen video

49 mile ride 2011

totally gets the credit for this video
i took one on my phone but it sucks
this one is not as long but it's clear at least
i dont mind stealing this one cuz im in it

(im the black guy at 0:49)

it was pretty cool
i had a blast

maybe next year i will actually go on the ride

this year, i rolled out with JB to redwood city to let Spade George make sure i felt like fecal matter cuz my bike sucks

i'll probably skip the ride and suffer George's crap next year too, now that i think about it

!!!!please support OLD-STF!!!!

(i know its in color ... but it gets a pass for being orange)
the folks down here are second to none
its not just another bike shop but its a family affair

these people really are "'the salt of the earth"

AANNDD the work that comes outta the shop can never be contested
and solid mechanics

spent the greater part of the afternoon this last saturday down there with my old lady
and even she had a blast
(the fact that she got to shop a little through the tees and sweatshirts didnt hurt any either)

thanks guys for being such a big part of a baddass weekend!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

2 wheels > 4

harley guys are all slow
harleys are for old men
im too young for a harley, mabey when i have grand kids

street bike guys are fags
street bikes suck, you customize them with stickers
street bikes are for riding on your wrists

....!!!!???? ....

why does it matter so much?

two wheels are greater than four, as far as im concerned.

ive had metric cruisers, a dual sport, and a couple harleys
never had a SPORT bike (cuz all of the bikes listed here are "street bikes"), not for any reason other than i have never been in a position to buy one.
i would totally buy a sport bike, may not ever be my main roller, but i would own one

i prefer garage builds cuz the have soul, and a personality

i like being in tune with my bike and listening to it when its actually saying something

you dont get that on other scoots, but at the end of the day, id rather roll a sport bike than ride in a cage

two wheels, one love

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

i love new york

the worst pic ever. 
this is SUPPOSED to be a pic i took of Lady Liberty

saw her for the first time on a ferry from manhattan to staten island

she was a whole heck of a lot closer than this picture portrays 

and she was beautiful

seeing her for the first time from the side of a ship (the same as millions before me), brought me to tears. just couldn't help but think of all it means

i probably didn't speak for a half hour

im all about this "AMERICAN" stuff

i heart ny

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011

im better than you

im not conceited, im convinced  

if you aint got one of these,

then im better than you
you may even have one like this, with just the wallet chain clasp, but if your's doesn't have the additional key ring, and custom tooling .... well, .... im better than you

you may even have all the aforementioned, but if you aint got one of these on the other side of the same belt

 then .... im better than you.

"but choir" you say, "how can i grow up and be like you? how can i get on your level!?"
you cant

but there is hope for your sorry butt

my pal big d makes all the goodies you see here and i just might be able to hook you up. 
but dont be a geek and think youre just gonna call me and have it in your mailbox the next day

this stuff is hand made with both the finest leather youd ever hope to dangle from underneath your beer belly, and the best handmade craftsmanship this side of jupiter

quality takes time 
and the line aint getting no shorter so hurry up cuz you know you dont wanna remain pathetic  

lets just say you do in fact have all this stuff here, im still better than you cuz d is about to make me some more kewel stuff for my bike
(no, not no lame seat pan. im talking "kewel" here)

oh, the leather sheath is one thing, ... worth every penny
but the way i see it 

... i got the blade for free

cuz im better than you

-eff around and find out

Friday, October 21, 2011

what tha ... !?

computer tripin' ... sorry for the wierd lookin post below ....

The reason for "flashblack friday" ...

I'm not into february. Not a militant blackman. Not about all that. I would like to think im passed all that stuff.

These friday posts aren't for sticking it to the man
... It's more of a wake up call for the ungrateful and ignorant (the black ones)

Met a black dude some time ago that I thought I had a lot in common with. We had a great conversation about "brother clubs", and where they seem to go wrong. Without regurgitating the entire list, I'll get to the point of the story.
Dude ended his rant (which I fully agreed with), by saying, "and besides, black people JUST started riding harleys anyway. This ain't even or thing".

Blew me away. Just ignorant.

Met another cat wearing a tshirt with his club logo on the back. I had never heard of them before, so I asked about it. Another long story short, when I asked him if it was a bagger club, he responded with, "whats a bagger?"

Blew me away. Just ignorant.

Flashblack fridays are for the deserved recognition that outcast outlaw clubs never received ... And for the "little man" that never got any respect just because he was black.

This is not because i myself am black (after all, jesse james has a lot to do with me even knowing names like, "sugar bear" and "ben hardy" in the first place), but because I have a heart for the ones that sweat in the garage, and make it happen on the side of the road. Without credit cards and catalogs. A lot of whom just so happen to be black guys.
Respect where respect is do

I just dont know what happened between then and now


flashblack friday

Tuskegee style

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

what makes america dope?: "HARD WORKING AMERICANS!"


met Mr. John Kinder at the concord restaurant. 
didnt want to be rude and ask the man how old he was
didn't really matter

walked up to the counter (after spending DAYS in the lunch rush line) to order my baltip sandwich and was shocked to see a man i thought looked a lot like the pictures of the Kinder's founder working in the kitchen

long story short
honored to have met him
and it was real nice of him to take the time to stop what he was doing to come out and meet me

after all these years, a number of locations (both family owned and some franchised), he's still clocking in

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


i get more flack for flying an inverted bar and shield than i do a swastika
if youre bent outta shape over an inverted hd logo
you are WAY outta touch 

(more on the swazi later)

i can go for days about how the factory has been ripping off the largest and most loyal group of followers a brand could ever hope for

not just financially, but all of their ideas too
and then have the nerve to patent it (not for protection, but in hopes of suing your hard working-ingenuitive-blue collared-butt) 
but i wont get into all of that right now

a pal hooked me up this weekend with some straight pipes

need baffles
 all the shops were closed (sunday)

went to the local factory shop just to see

dood offered me a set of baffles (that will come in 7-10 business months)
for $39.95



nuff said

Monday, October 17, 2011


a prayer for the blue collared

as we get back to the grind this monday morning

Lord, these are hard times for my American brothers

this winter, i pray that You remember Your promise to the faithful

Your word (through King David) says, "i have been young, and am now old, and i have never seen the righteous forsaken, or his seed begging bread"

You also declare that the man that does not take care of his family is worse than an infidel

cause my brothers to prosper even in these scarce times
let us be an example of your never changing hand
an open hand
bless us this dry winter season and allow us to prosper that we can both take care of our homes/families
and be a blessing to others

you have always been faithful to take care of the diligent

thank you for the gifts and talents youve given us to work with our hands
thank you in advance for our health this coming cold season
and thank you for keeping our spirits lifted as we keep our eyes on you

let us not forget you this holiday season as we see You in our families smiles and faces this year
real talk Lord, 
You are so dope and i love You


Friday, October 14, 2011

flashblack friday

im into american history
(especially biker history)
i had some black biker stuff to kick off my first Flash Back Friday

... but this is whats on my heart right now
how did we go from this:

 to THIS!?

it almost brings me to tears to think about the "struggle & fight"
and see what blacks have done with it
i could really go on for a long time about this
but i think ive already said enough

have a great weekend

va con dios amigo