Monday, December 5, 2011

how to beat holiday depression

the Christmas season isn't always the best time of year for a lot of people
especially now
(you know with economy and all)
with a wife and three girls, i understand how tough it can be 
im hoping to just be able to get them one thing each this year

with the old lady laid off, its enough just trying to keep the rent paid
(let alone the lights, water, garbage, food, and gas)

its hard 

it really sucks when you lose a loved one that you would normally celebrate with.
when the season rolls around, and that loved one is gone, it can be really hard.

this is a pic of me and some friends serving with our local church

my church has a program where we help out less fortunate families with groceries and all around every day needs

the cure for getting over your circumstances and the mood it brings, is perspective
when you help folks that have it just as bad (if not worse) than you, you're on your way to renewing a thankful heart

your situation may not change, but your attitude will definitely improve
and a many times, THAT'S half the battle

Jesus is the reason for the season,
God bless you and your loved ones
-choir aka black cat

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  1. This picture brings smiles! Thank God for Jesus, and having the right attitude today and everyday! *Tis the season*