Thursday, December 1, 2011

some pics from 2011

dont know anything about this picture (dont even remember where i stole it from). what i do know is, IT'S TIGHT!

i wish there was another picture of this including the guy taking the picture of the guy taking the picture

"the scene"
looks like oakland to me, but i dont know

i stole this one too

this is a good pal ("kung-fu lou foo") chilling out at "smokey's" house

the award for the sexiest pic of 2011
goes to casey smith

i stole this off of facebook
this one should be a garage poster
... i mean, how bad ass is that!??

"ride'm cowboy!!"

had to leave this in color
stolen from facebook too

all i can say is, "epic"

gotta leave this one in color too
a pal took a pic of my bike at one of 2011's baddest parties
(more on that later)
then his mom doctored it up
it's my favorite pic of my bike

"riding buds mc" at the sac drags
we had a BLAST!!!!!!!!


  1. hey thanks. im pretty proud of it. it was just about all stock when i got it. "my" first build. changed everything but the frame, rear break (for now), and the bottom end ... WITH A WHOLE LOTTA HELP FROM MY FRIENDS!

    i love this pic. i had no idea anyone had even taken a shot of it. the party i was at had all the bikes down on the lower lawn. surprised me anybody even saw my bike in the first place ... as the "other kind", i always park somewhere weird, or facing the opposite direction, or wheel cocked to the right instead of left. i dont even think about it ... im just the "other kind". hahahahaha!

  2. The Oakland pic was actually Frisco with Lee Bender and friends, couple blocks from GG Park, we were about to leave for the grass valley roll in.

  3. that dude is hella sexy!! 2011 champ!