Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Kevlar" (a cone side story)

once upon a time 
or about two years ago
there was an ad on craigslist 

raining the day i got it in redwood city
buddy Spade George let me store it at his shop ("The Hole in the Wall" in redwood city) for the night
didnt wanna ride for an hour and a half in the rain since i just got it and didnt know if it would even make it home

 the moment i got it to the house
i started tearing into it to get rid of all the gay stuff

needed a seat for quite a while
cut the couch off of the pan
took an angle grinder to it til i got the shape i wanted
ran it like that for a couple months

Brian made some cool bars
Frank donated a tank, boards, and a decent head light
and the both of them hooked me up with a fender and plate/light mount

got me some boots and painted the pipes
(shoulda left them chrome-live and learn)

on the way to mom's for 2010 thanksgiving dinner
it just shut off on me about three miles from her house

i was a tad bit late for dinner

everything that was cool on it Frank and Brian did
not that i was ungrateful, i just took the opportunity afforded me by the busted motor to make it "mine"

trying out some apes

 bagger front fender 
cutout for the plate

thought it was about time somebody stole something from harley for a change
they've been ripping us off for years

 fxr front end
police car spotlight
(kept Brian's bars-too sic to let go)
21" up front
progressives out back
upholstery underneath  

slapped the motor back together

 suicide and open belt 

the end


  1. Lovely Story with a happy ending :)

  2. I love your bike man. The fish tails just top it off so good! Baddest bike out here!

  3. ...yeah ... i really like my lil scoot. @will: those fish tails cost me over 25mph top speed. i maxed out at 95mph with those things. looks or no looks, they aint gonna be on there too much longer. going back to the thunderheader, but imma try to make them cool (mid mount? clutch side? clutch side/mid mount? not sure yet).

  4. p.s. (hahahahaa!) may very well be the baddest bike out here, ... cuz its the ONLY bike out here! everything else is either a bagger or a dyna (no disrespect to either one, just saying). no scene out here. i gotta ride an hour and a half just to meet my bros before we start a ride. its sorta dead out here. i guess that makes me the remnant huh!!??? (thats tight!)

  5. Great story! Your bike is your bike! I enjoyed hearing about how others gave you a hand with it. A lot of folks have helped me here and there with
    my 'baby' but in the end she has her own personality!

  6. Everything out here is either Outlaw FXR/Dyna or total bagger. For good reason too, the wind today yo!!!