Monday, October 31, 2011

stolen video

49 mile ride 2011

totally gets the credit for this video
i took one on my phone but it sucks
this one is not as long but it's clear at least
i dont mind stealing this one cuz im in it

(im the black guy at 0:49)

it was pretty cool
i had a blast

maybe next year i will actually go on the ride

this year, i rolled out with JB to redwood city to let Spade George make sure i felt like fecal matter cuz my bike sucks

i'll probably skip the ride and suffer George's crap next year too, now that i think about it


  1. feeling like fecal matter is how you learn grasshopper. as soon as you learn to grab the wrench from my hand then you will have graduated and will be slinging fecal matter on your own student. all in doo time my friend.