Thursday, October 13, 2011

fork in the road

every now and then, i meet a real kewel m-n-effer

im happy to say that it seems a little more frequent than not

i really try to keep in touch with the folks i believe God puts in my life
but that's just easier said than done 

the road may run straight for miles (bumps, potholes and all)
its easy to ride handlebar to handlebar 

but every now and then you come up on a fork in the road

and for what ever reason
the pack might split 

i cherish most, the pal that meets up again (sometimes miles down the road),
and we're able to pick up right from where we left off

handlebar to handlebar

there may be calendar pages between us
there may be state lines that separate us
in some cases, we might even be on different sides of eternity

just know this
you're in my thoughts and prayers
cant wait to see you again
and i love you bro

r.i.p. Jeff - i really miss you man

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