Thursday, October 27, 2011

2 wheels > 4

harley guys are all slow
harleys are for old men
im too young for a harley, mabey when i have grand kids

street bike guys are fags
street bikes suck, you customize them with stickers
street bikes are for riding on your wrists

....!!!!???? ....

why does it matter so much?

two wheels are greater than four, as far as im concerned.

ive had metric cruisers, a dual sport, and a couple harleys
never had a SPORT bike (cuz all of the bikes listed here are "street bikes"), not for any reason other than i have never been in a position to buy one.
i would totally buy a sport bike, may not ever be my main roller, but i would own one

i prefer garage builds cuz the have soul, and a personality

i like being in tune with my bike and listening to it when its actually saying something

you dont get that on other scoots, but at the end of the day, id rather roll a sport bike than ride in a cage

two wheels, one love

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