Tuesday, October 11, 2011

blog bandwagon

created a blog a bazillion years ago but never did anything with it. didn't wanna start a new blog because of all the "new" blogs. i do, however have a ton of thoughts on just about everything. most of the time, ive got no one to fire them at. (what to do!?)

start a blog!

as a place to vent, i would like to say that the views and opinions expressed here may, or may not necessarily  reflect those of this writer (even though this writer wrote it)

an oxymoron, a conundrum, ying and yang, call me what you will ... but as the product of a 1% outlaw and a preacher's daughter, im pretty much (just simply) the "other kind"

i don't really fit in anywhere

my mother once told my old lady, "in his Entire life, tony has asked me for Two things, one of them was medicine"

i don't know what that says about me. i just know it says a lot

i say all that to say this, "view this blog at your own risk"

i promise at some point (if you read long enough) you will either be shocked, or offended.  if you know me from church, you might be shocked by a lot you see here (cuz you probably don't really know me). if you know me from the road, you might be offended by a lot you see here (cuz you probably don't really know me). those of you who do in fact know me, know that im the same person in church as i am on the road

i would like to think that people who know me love me, and poeple who dont, ... well, they should

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