Saturday, October 22, 2011

im better than you

im not conceited, im convinced  

if you aint got one of these,

then im better than you
you may even have one like this, with just the wallet chain clasp, but if your's doesn't have the additional key ring, and custom tooling .... well, .... im better than you

you may even have all the aforementioned, but if you aint got one of these on the other side of the same belt

 then .... im better than you.

"but choir" you say, "how can i grow up and be like you? how can i get on your level!?"
you cant

but there is hope for your sorry butt

my pal big d makes all the goodies you see here and i just might be able to hook you up. 
but dont be a geek and think youre just gonna call me and have it in your mailbox the next day

this stuff is hand made with both the finest leather youd ever hope to dangle from underneath your beer belly, and the best handmade craftsmanship this side of jupiter

quality takes time 
and the line aint getting no shorter so hurry up cuz you know you dont wanna remain pathetic  

lets just say you do in fact have all this stuff here, im still better than you cuz d is about to make me some more kewel stuff for my bike
(no, not no lame seat pan. im talking "kewel" here)

oh, the leather sheath is one thing, ... worth every penny
but the way i see it 

... i got the blade for free

cuz im better than you

-eff around and find out

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