Thursday, November 17, 2011

c'mon girl, let's do somethin' (me & you)

"no me liken the baggers"
never have
but my lack of passion for baggers, is nothing less than minuscule in comparison to my love for my old lady

so am i thinking about getting a bagger?

but i am thinking about rad-ifying a road king
getting out with my broad is the kewelest but i dont have a scoot we can roll on together
she's always down for the "chase crew", and a lot of times i just drive with her

love getting out with her but it sucks that we dont ever get to do it "right"

wanna travel with my baby in style

on a bike!

just something im looking forward to
Puerto Rico 
at Fort "Something or Other" 

watching dvds on the couch

out in the middle of nowhere
on the way to Aruba

flew my queen out to QUEENS for dinner
to celebrate our tenth anniversary 

oakland stadium
saw the bears play for the first time 

six flags 

1 comment:

  1. I so *Love That* to ride together with you would be so awesome! Waiting until the day...