Monday, November 28, 2011

Isaiah 53:5

for those who care
im sorry for not posting for a while

been down
eight days in the bed

ive cried from physical pain three times in my life
they were all this last week

like a lot of you
i have a restroom in my masterbed

crawling on my hands and knees to get to the bathroom
just to pull myself up onto the stool and pee sitting down


the crawl back was like nothing else ive ever felt

before i could make it back to the bed

... tears
on the floor
fetal position

twice i cried and moaned so long and hard i actually got a soar throat

two trips to the e.r.

im up again
(against doctor's advice - he aint gonna pay my rent)

thanks for the views, wishful thinking,
and most of all your prayers

stay tuned


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  2. Sorry, i posted on my wifes account. I was just saying that I will be praying for healing bro.

  3. I care! And I will be lifting you up in prayer!

  4. Dude! Get well soon bro. Holler at me when you can.

  5. Praying continual for your complete healing!