Monday, November 7, 2011

what makes a scoot kewel?

i love'm "tight"
close hand grips
mid controls (or pegs)

wide rear tires aint for me
(not to say it aint cool on YOUR bike)

i like little spools and lathed forks

less is more
the smaller the better

all go no show

if it dont make it go or stop i dont want it

but at what point does kewel stop being cool?

am i kewel cuz i dont have a mirror?
is it sic to roll with no signals?

maybe, but im about to change all that

im working on some signals and a mirror that are functional yet un-lame 
not cuz the man says so
but because im a man and I say so

how rad is a blue curb placard?
how sic is it to bunk with the sick?
how dope is it to NEED meds for no reason other than i just didnt want to be able to see behind me while waiting for the green light?

i like being able to swallow without assistance
i dont wanna have to poop in a bag taped to my hip

can you spend too much on a helmet?

i love motorcycles

i wanna love them for a long time

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