Wednesday, November 9, 2011

my magazine

dice, gkm, ... you know, there are a few mags i keep an eye out for

but its the horse that ive been faithfully reading 
they got me into this whole thing

without the horse, i would have never known that there were doods out there with the same taste in bikes as me (cuz there aint NNOO scene here in solano co. where i live)
and for years ive been crossing paths with kewel katz without ever seeing them

if i DID ever see a sic scoot, it was gone before i could turn around and catch it

ANYWAYZ! i love the horse
but its been kinda dull for a while
"a while" means this whole year
bikes have been just "same-same"

but im loyal
after all, it aint the horse's fault there aint been much to shoot and show
and this was a pretty kewel year for shows and rides, and stuff
cant complain cuz ive been hanging out with a TON of great guys (and gals) on some really baddass bikes

grabbed #113 because its what i do

its muscle memory at this point

see a new horse, get the new horse

im glad to say

loyalty pays

the #114 is out (havent seen it yet), but #113 is pretty darn tight! 
i was reminded why i first started collecting it in the first place

imagination is back on the scene
doods are doing kewel stuff again
katz are thinking out side the box
and the horse is showing it

i really like that magazine man

and george the painter is a baddass

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