Thursday, November 3, 2011

salt of the earth

been riding for a long time
only had my shovel for about two years now and i got a lot to learn about bikes
im really blessed to have so many good people in my life

these doods have gone out of their way to help me stay up on two wheels




men with a code

men with principle

... in no particular order...

lil mikey

 uncle jorge

 smokey (hahahahaha!)

backstreet john 

soul brutha number one 

a bomb 

my main bud and gaysee 

mike and daddy-o 

gawd faddah 


(special mention ... i dont have a pick, but i cant leave out butt crack ... no, not smokey, the OTHER butt crack hahahahaha!)

i forgot b hall and princess b (she put air in my tire for me FOR FREE TOO)

for making yourselves available 
helping me get there in one piece
and keeping my scoot from looking all whacked out

thank you guys


  1. I just love that pic of Bry and Princess B! Isn't she just the best??!!! We love her and Princess C SO much and we are glad her Daddy has fun friends like you in his life!